What if…

Your child has ADHD?


What if…

Your child has a learning disability?

What if…

You understood how your child learns?


What if…

You understood why your child is struggling?


What if…

Your child is gifted?


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When Parents Understand More They Can Help More

Children learn in different ways and at different speeds. While teachers differentiate instruction and attempt to reach all students in their classes, some children require greater support or access to specific strategies. Learning disability assessment can help parents and teachers understand the reasons behind a child’s learning issues and identify strategies that can help.

What Makes Us Different

Learning disability assessment girl reading a book

Psycho-educational Assessments Should Be Completed Efficiently

Children and adolescents who are struggling need supports in place now. We deliver results and written reports within 10 days of the last testing session.
student writing in class

We Believe Parents Should Really Understand the Results of the Assessment

All sessions are booked upfront so parents have a clear timeline for the process.
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We Believe Reports Should Have Useful Recommendations

Results are explained to parents in detail and with a diagram that helps them understand the nuances of their child’s learning profile.

We Are Committed To:

Responding to Clients' Needs

Gathering data from multiple sources to understand how a child learns.

Useful, Timely Information

Specific recommendations act as a roadmap to guide parents and teachers in supporting a child’s learning.

Information That Can be Understood

Psycho-educational assessments results are explained in an understandable and meaningful way.

Avoiding Delays in Accessing Support

Receiving a written report within 10 days of testing allows parents to activate supports.

Meet Kate Davidson

Ontario learning disability assessment with Kate Davidson
Hello, I’m Kate!

I am a Psychologist who works with students who have a variety of learning needs, such as learning disabilities, intellectual disabilities, ADHD, and giftedness.

I am passionate about helping parents understand their children’s learning so they can work collaboratively with the education system to support their children in reaching each child’s potential.

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