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Assessment Process

From parent and teacher concerns to supports for children and adolescents.

1. Concerns

Parents and teachers have concerns about a child’s learning, attention or emotional regulation.

parent having a virtual meeting at home with children at the house
girl learning and taking notes in classroom

2. Assessment

Seek out a psycho-educational assessment and go through the process of interviews and testing.

3. Diagnosis / Recommendations

Results of the assessment may lead to a diagnosis and recommendations are provided based on the assessment.

psycho-educational assessment with parents

4. Implementation

Share the report with the school team, seek support through community agencies, follow up with your child’s physician. [see more details below]

After the assessment…


Share the report with the school team so that they can find the best ways to help and integrate the recommendations from the psycho-educational assessment into your child’s academic program. This might include developing or revising an Individual Education Plan (IEP). Teachers may identify a specific support program to help, either in the classroom or as part of a small group. They may also find ways to accommodate the learning need, meaning they help work around it to ensure your child continues to develop academically. The school team may also suggest a different class placement that provides supports targeted to children with a particular learning need.


Results of the assessment can identify specific recommendations to access supports outside of school, such as programs to develop certain skills through tutoring or intervention by another professional (e.g., Occupational Therapist or Speech-Language Pathologist).


Your child’s family physician or pediatrician may also find the report useful to make decisions about medical treatments or further evaluations.

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